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Tabula Rosa Systems - Protect Your Email Address and Phone Number

How to Protect Your Email Address and Phone Number
OCTOBER 26, 2015

Everyone seems to want your email address and phone number these days. But giving them out can open you up to risks. Here's how to give some access without giving away too much.
Sign up to get a discount. Email address required. Install a new messaging app. Phone number, please! And if you're part of the dating scene, you certainly know the pains of people wanting your details before you're ready to give them. Every time you give away your email address or phone number, you effectively risk ruining it. What if someone spams you or sells your information to another spammer? What if you really don't want a second date, but the person in question can't seem to take "no" for an answer?
There is a solution.
Temporary or disposable email addresses and phone numbers protect you from these dicey situations. They're wonderful to use any time you're not sure of the legitimacy of a request for your information, or just whenever you want added privacy. There are a few different tricks and services you can use to protect your real email address and phone number, and a few different methods for how to go about it. Here are some of the more popular options.
Abine Blur
Abine Blur is a free software service that offers a whole bunch of privacy protections, and one of them just happens to be email masking. When you use Abine Blur, you can generate a new email address every time you need one. Messages sent to that new address can go right into your regular inbox, or, if they aren't what you expected, you can block all future emails. Email masking is free, but to get some of Abine Blur's other perks, such as credit card masking, you'll need a paid subscription (from $79 for three years).
Burner is a mobile app (there's a Burner iPhone app as well as one for Android) that gives you access to disposable phone numbers, which you can use for both short- and long-term use. Burner is really good at letting you manage multiple phone numbers, which come with different conditions, such as phone numbers that expire after only 14 days, or phone numbers that come with unlimited texting. Burner is not free, however. You have to buy credits to get numbers, with the minimum purchase being three credits for $1.99.
Google Voice
When you need an all-purpose alternative phone number, Google Voice is one of the best options. From, if you're signed in with a Google account, you can get a free phone number for calls and texts. Google gives you tools to manage the number, so you can delete it, transfer it, or change it at any time. You can also forward calls to your Google Voice number to another number, letting you give out the alias number while still having your normal phone ring whenever someone calls.
Guerillamail is a fantastic free service that lets you generate a disposable email address in seconds. Guerillamail is best for situations in which you really don't want to give away your email address--ever! The service lets you see incoming emails, so it's great for getting confirmation codes. I think it's best for short-term use rather than protracted interactions. Guerillamail's website is easy to use, and the group now has a Guerillamail Android app as well.,,
If you already use a Windows Live email, such as an or Hotmail address, or a address, you can generate an alias at no cost. In any of the Microsoft email services, go to Options > Aliases: manage or choose a primary, and you'll be able to create a new email address on the spot. In Yahoo, go to Account Settings > Manage aliases. Mail sent to the alias you create will come into the same email account, but in a new folder that's named after the alias. This option works well for when you want to give out your email address and perhaps even intend to correspond, but aren't totally sure it's safe. It's also a great way to create an email address that you can solely use for subscriptions, daily deal emails, and other non-essential mail.
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