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Tabula Rosa Systems Blog Of 3/11/17 - Hazardous Emails


The follow is an excerpt from my book, "Netiquette IQ . . ." If you wish to understand some of the elements which contribute negatively to our communication, both personal and professional, this is a great advanced summation. For a closer look at the book, follow the links below.

Hazardous emails

        Recently the American Management Association) and ePolicy Institute conducted a survey and found 80 percent of 526 companies had a formal email policy. There are no longer excuses for errors in emails (from a legal, corporate, or personal perspective). Appropriate Netiquette extends beyond the commonsense basic values contained in its core principals. Netiquette encompasses the privileges that individuals are afforded and entrusted with during employment.
        Much like utilizing a desk, kitchenette, or audio-visual equipment at one’s place of employment, the email infrastructure is the property of the employer and is owed respect, consideration, and requisite adherence to both common sense and implicit corporate rules. Netiquette encompasses respect and adherence for the following:
1.   Maintaining the company’s reputation
2.   Preventing sexual or illegal workplace harassment
3.   Defamation, libel
4.   Data leakage
5.   Compliance violation (HIPPA, etc.)

Topics to avoid

1.   Terrorism
2.   Committing crimes
3.   Sexual explicitness
4.   Conspiratorial dialogue:
a.   Delete this
b.   No one will find out
c.   Is this legal
d.   What happens if we get caught
e.   Or else!
f.    Unless this is done, then…
5.   Racism
6.   Sexism
7.   Violence
8.   Sedition
9.   Extreme hatred or anger
10.  Revenge
11.  Toxic emails  (this is a figurative term for damaging)
12.  Employment change on business accounts

        Emails about anyone’s medical condition (e.g., chemotherapy, CT scan, MRI) should not be written. HIPPA legislation was enacted to ensure that people are protected against having their information exposed electronically.
        One should always avoid using one’s company name in a personal blog, as there may be a policy against it.
        One should refrain from disclosing details such as financials, pricing ,or technical details about another company outside your organization when a nondisclosure may be in place.
        Social invitations, such as a request for a date, are to be avoided on company email. If sexual harassment is ever claimed, there is an electronic record. This can be, arguably, a form of proof.


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Gigamon Visibility for AWS

With the rapid evolution of the public cloud that brings instant advantages of economies of scale, elasticity and agility, IT and data center administrators are re-evaluating their investments to deploy or scale applications on-premise.  They either deploy new applications in the public cloud or use the public cloud for additional needs to augment the on-premise private cloud.  In either case, what enterprises end up with is a hybrid cloud environment.  Other enterprises start in the cloud with no physical data center footprint, commonly referred to as a born-in-the-cloud model.  Unlike SaaS environments, in which application ownership and security of information is the responsibility of the SaaS provider, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or public cloud environment, places the responsibility of application and information security on the enterprise.
So, how does an enterprise which has migrated or deployed workloads into the public cloud manage, secure and understand its data traversing the public cloud?    

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  • Inability to access traffic, and by extension, information traversing the public cloud for analysis
  • Discreet vendor monitoring agents per instance
  • Impacts workload and VPC performance
  • Increased complexity
  • Static visibility with heavy disruption

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In addition to this blog, Netiquette IQ has a website with great assets which are being added to on a regular basis. I have authored the premiere book on Netiquette, “Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email". My new book, “You’re Hired! Super Charge Your Email Skills in 60 Minutes. . . And Get That Job!” has just been published and will be followed by a trilogy of books on Netiquette for young people. You can view my profile, reviews of the book and content excerpts at:

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In addition to this blog, I maintain a radio show on BlogtalkRadio  and an online newsletter via have established Netiquette discussion groups with Linkedin and  Yahoo I am also a member of the International Business Etiquette and Protocol Group and Minding Manners among others. I regularly consult for the Gerson Lehrman Group, a worldwide network of subject matter experts and I have been contributing to the blogs Everything Email and emailmonday . My work has appeared in numerous publications and I have presented to groups such as The Breakfast Club of NJ and  PSG of Mercer County, NJ.

Additionally, I am the president of Tabula Rosa Systems, a “best of breed” reseller of products for communications, email, network management software, security products and professional services.  Also, I am the president of Netiquette IQ. We are currently developing an email IQ rating system, Netiquette IQ, which promotes the fundamentals outlined in my book.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have enjoyed a dynamic and successful career and have attained an extensive background in IT and electronic communications by selling and marketing within the information technology market.

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