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Tabula Rosa Systems Blog Of 12/28/16 - Mediatation And Email

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Meditation And Managing Email

In both of my books (noted below), I often speak about managing one’s email.  In our cyber world, methods of communication capabilities are rapidly improving. Along with these functions, a deluge of increased email and multi-media messages have inundated virtually anyone with Internet connectivity. Many, if not most, netizens are spending greater time on composing, responding to  and sending communications, some spending up to 30% or more of their workday. Many people do not ever catch up.

There are serious ramifications to these trends, namely that the quality, clarity and tone of our electronic messaging is rapidly deteriorating, particularly with younger users who have rarely written traditional letters! Additionally, email may be overlooked, responded to tardily or done in haste. Sometimes any one of these will create negative results. Besides time management, many people become angry with messages they receive and respond with in ways they will later regret. Their whole mood might affect subsequent email they send or receive.

Email is not the only area to be affected by the cyber age. Society’s whole pace of living and sense of urgency have become accelerated bringing about health, personal and behavioral issues too numerous to discuss here.

How can these issues be addressed?  For this author, I have recently found a methodology to alleviate and improve these situations, Transcendental Meditation (TM). This simple technique has been proven in more than 300 studies to reduce stress, improve many health related issued and provide greater productivity, sometimes quite profoundly. For any netizen looking to better deal with our connected, high paced world, this may be an ideal, no compromise solution.

For example, instead of beginning a day checking email and continuing to do so throughout the day, one can set aside two times, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to do the greater part of this. Prior to each session, a short and simple period of meditation will help achieve a calmer mood to better cope with the deluge of electronic communication. In turn, this will improve upon the quality and tone of one’s messages, not to mention the performance of their other roles and responsibilities.

As more and more technologies bring increasing reliance on cyber communication, the greater the need will be for the TM technique . . . this author is convinced!
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