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Netiquette For Ecards Two Great Article Via Tabula Rosa Systems

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It's holiday time for many around the world. Sending ecards for many is something they feel awkward about doing. Others would much rather receive a personalized greeting. Nonetheless, ecards do give you the capability to send many cards which was impossible just a few years ago. The article below, taken from my book, discusses some of the downsides and solutions.

Happy Holidays and Peace for all throughout the world!
One of the major downsides of ecards is that security can be compromised: when someone purchases an ecard, he or she is providing information to the seller, or third party. One of the more extreme examples of this is that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is suspended to allow sites to accept a child’s ecard request and addresses without parental permission, as would normally be the case. There are also countless scams involving ecards, which can mislead children or people of any age. It is almost too much to ask certain people to have the discipline not to open ecards.
While there is much positive impact associated with ecards, as has been discussed, the negative issues, particularly many of the most significant ones, can have, more often, negative effects. After all, far more people would rather have a real or, at the very least, personalized ecard.

For those who will steadfastly refuse to open an ecard, there may very well be times when a legitimate message goes unopened—still another negative outcome. This can end up with an effect such as having the recipient feel disappointment that he or she did not receive a greeting or invitation by someone he or she was expecting to hear from. What is a good solution? There are some very popular ecard providers. If you want to use trusted sources of ecards, go to either www.jacquielawson.com or www.care2.com/ecards  Also you can view much more on ecards in my new book at: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00FY3GW7S

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Here is another great article on sending holiday cards either USPO or as an ecard over the Internet:
The holiday season is fast approaching, which means holiday card season is already here! Sending a holiday card that makes an impact doesn’t require an expensive camera or fancy software - you just need a great photo and the right design.
The little things that can set your card up for success make all the difference. That’s why we spoke to Christopher Farber, a professional photographer, and Jill Smith, a Tiny Prints Design Maker, to get some tips and tricks to make sure your card stands apart from the rest of the mail stack.
First, start with snapping and selecting the perfect photo – then move on to card design.
·         Backgrounds matter: Farber suggests finding simple, neutral backgrounds. "When you’re photographing people and it’s too busy, it gets distracting.” So simplify your photos! A brick wall makes a great background, adding depth to the photo, while outdoorsy backgrounds like parks and forests help to add ambient texture.
·         Make it seem timely: People identify the time of year with the background of your photograph, so when you take a photo in the summer and use it in the winter as a holiday card, outdoor cues like green leaves and grass will make it feel summery. If you want a photo that reads like winter, look for backgrounds like a brick building that doesn’t read green - or consider dressing your family in seasonal clothes like sweaters and scarves.
·         Step into the light: "The absolute best light source you will ever have is the sun, so you want to utilize the sun whether indoors or outdoors,” says Farber. "When you’re indoors, the best way to utilize the sun is take a picture near the window, which provides nice soft light.” For outdoor shoots, wait for the sun to sink a little lower in the sky to avoid harsh shadows.
·         Mix it up: Don’t just settle on one situation and make that the only photo you take. The key is to have a couple of different options and put people against one background, and then move them to have different arrangements. Sometimes a group looks better in a straight line, sometimes it looks better jumbled up. Try them both!
·         Moments matter: "The biggest thing you’re looking for, more than anything else, is a moment - that’s really what makes the best picture,” says Farber. "The two best ways to get a moment are to make someone laugh or give someone a real opportunity to be very calm and collected.”
Once you have the perfect photo, the next step is to choose the perfect holiday card. It’s essential to find a card design that stands out in the mail - so it catches the eye of your recipients.
·         Stand out in the crowd: The first thing your recipient will see is the envelope, so make it stand out! Jill Smith says "there are a variety of fun (and affordable) embellishments that can amp up your card - from custom envelopes and envelope liners to address labels and festive postage.” Tiny Prints also includes free recipient addressing on custom envelopes, making it a win-win addition to your holiday card. The most important thing? Having fun with it!
·         Your card should say something about your family: What’s your family’s overall style? Quirky? Classic? Laid back? Your holiday card is a great opportunity to send something uniquely yours to your friends and loved ones. Smith says that features like glitter accents or foil "can convey a sense of festive glamour while a multi-photo layout is perfect for the laid-back family that wants to show off fun, casual photos from the year."

For a great satire on email, please see the following:
Good Netiquette And A Green Internet To All! 
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