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Netiquette - “Experience is a hard teacher" Tabula Rosa Systems Blog For 5/1//2016

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.
—Vernon Law

Checklist for an Email—A Set of Standards for Your NIQ Process

Before sending out emails, get into the habit of reviewing the following areas:

1.   Recipients (sometimes you may wish to do this last)
a.   Are there any people included in the Reply All list that don’t need to be?
b.   Is there anyone missing from the Reply All list?
2.   Subject field
a.   Is the description in the message relevant to the subject at hand?
b.   Check for capitalization and punctuation.
c.   Check for spam triggers.
d.   Are there between three and nine words?
e.   Did you mention any connections, referrals or other elements that you might have in common with the person you’re writing to?
3.   Attachments
a.   Insert attachments. Some senders do this before entering the recipient. This method, as mentioned earlier, is recommended.
b.   Are your attachments properly named and identified in the email?
c.   How many attachments are there?
d.   What size are they?
e.   Are attachments in a common format that other senders will be able to open (e.g., .doc, .jpg)?
4.   Salutation
a.   If using a person’s title (e.g., Mr., Ms., Dr.), is it the appropriate one?
b.   Check the spelling of personal names!
c.   Did you use nicknames? If so, make sure they are acceptable to the recipient. Do not assume this is the case.
5.   Preview window
a.   Are some keywords visible? Keywords are words important to an industry that you feel the recipient will be looking for.
b.   Does the document have a good, crisp appearance?
c.   Are there any attention-generating items?
6.   First paragraph
a.   Is the purpose of the message stated right away?
b.   Does the stated purpose match the subject line?
c.   Have power words mainly been used? (See Appendix B.)
d.   Have all idioms, clichés, and slang been avoided?
7.   Body of text
a.   Are the paragraphs overly long (eight or more sentences)?
b.   Are the paragraphs too short (one to three sentences)?
c.   Do sentences transition well when you change topics?
d.   Have enough power words been used?
8.   Review
a.   Does your email achieve the promise of the subject line?
b.   Have you tested all links?
9.   Closing
a.   Is your closing paragraph too informal?
b.   Does your closing paragraph convey anything negative?
c.   Are you lacking a closing paragraph?
d.   Have you thanked the appropriate person?
e.   Consider asking if your email has fully accomplished its intent.
10.    Signature
a.   Did you include full contact information for yourself?
b.   Is your signature free of messages, slogans, and unnecessary graphics?
c.       Does the format of your signature match the text format, font size, and other elements?
d.   Did your closing paragraph accidentally become part of the signature block? Is there spacing between the two?
For a great satire on email, please see the following:
Good Netiquette And A Green Internet To All! 

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