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Netiquettte IQ Blog Of The 12/30/2015 - Is The Internet Soon To Lose Public Control And Availability? It Is A Frighrtening Thought

Soon, the internet will be impossible to control -  from the

From big companies to governments, the ability to censor what we do online is about to get a lot harder
By Jamie Bartlett

3:03PM GMT 10 Dec 2014

We think of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as public utilities, a sort of digital commons. Partly because we’ve got used to it all being free, partly because it’s where the debates of the day are now publicly thrashed out. Social media is now part of our political and cultural furniture – exciting, raucous and noisy. Subsequently, we imagine it's neutral and apolitical. Empty "platforms" to be filled with our clamourings.
This is nonsense, of course. Social media platforms are public in the same way that a shopping centre is. It looks and feels it until a security guard chucks you out for leaning over the railing, at which point you realise you’re on someone else’s private property. Take Facebook, with its 1.35bn monthly users. The company pays for and owns the hundreds of thousands of servers that host all of our inane content, not to mention the army of engineers and programmers required to keep the thing running. That’s why Facebook allows companies to target adverts at us based on the things we post – it means we don’t have to pay for it.
Then there’s all the social and legal responsibilities. All social networks have terms and conditions which forbid illegal, violent, threatening or abusive stuff. These reasonable requests are frequently ignored and so Google et al need to hire hundreds of "content managers" whose job it is to watch humanity’s bile (according to a recent article in Wired, there are 100,000 of them, dotted around the world) and remove it. Inevitably, this drags these usually American companies into uncomfortable decisions: should YouTube remove all Isil-related content? Should Twitter close down misogynistic accounts? Should Facebook proactively search out extremist material and pass it to the authorities, as the Intelligence and Security Committee has recently suggested? Important social questions, which are inevitably dealt with in the legal or policy department a company headquartered far away.
Because of the way the internet works, these companies also get to subtly influence what we encounter online: what we find, who we meet, and what we buy. Google’s search algorithm is increasingly personalised to your own search history, which means you end up finding stuff online it thinks you want. According to one recent study, if you tell your friends on Facebook you’ve voted, they are more 0.39 per cent more likely to vote too. Given that Facebook could decide through its newsfeed algorithm who gets to see your declaration of civic duty – that power could affect change the result of an election.
This is not the fault of these companies, who I think err on the side of free expression, and generally want to create a free, public service. But thanks to market forces and expediency the result is a public space that isn’t really controlled by the citizens. It’s curated, controlled, monetised, and censored, often from behind closed doors.
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