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Tabula Rosa Systems Blog For 11/28/15 - Netiquette Rules - Creativity—The Potential Differentiator

The following is an excerpt from my new book, "You're Hired! . . . "

Netiquette Creativity—The Potential Differentiator

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
—Will Rogers

Are business Netiquette and creativity mutually exclusive? Are they partners by necessity? Can they be combined to offer a stronger, more effective means of successful communication for the job seeker—one that results in more interviews and a new job?

        The answer to these questions is that email Netiquette and creativity are not only complementary, but when combined, they offer a stronger and more effective vehicle for achieving your employment objectives. When any recipient receives an email, we all know that an appropriate personalization adds a layer that invites acceptance. In the following salutations, only the last inspires the recipient to read more:

        Dear Dale Carnegie (wrong)

        Dear Carnegie (very wrong)

        Dear Mr. Carnegie (correct)

The Need to Capture Attention

Today’s job market is crowded, shifting demographically, and, because of growing technology, inundated with résumés. It is not uncommon for an employer to receive hundreds of emails or résumés for a single job opening. It is no longer enough to have a thoughtful, well-designed, and content-rich cover letter or résumé. There is often a desire for job seekers to add embellishments and enhancements to their emails to capture the attention of recruiters or hiring managers and inspire them to go beyond the three-to-eight-second interval they usually spend on emails. It really isn’t a strict set of rules for using creativity on your job search emails; it is more a question of when, where, and to whom it is appropriate to do this.

        In order to increase the opens, reads, and sustained attention of the recipient, there are many items you can introduce into your email to distinguish it from others. This, together with a strong Netiquette foundation, will bring you to the level of a Netiquette IQ one-percenter. In achieving this, you will most assuredly accomplish your asserted goal of having your résumé opened and read.

Many job applicants use their computer’s default fonts for their email as well as the default font with which to print their résumé or CV. To provide a maximum effect that covers both of these areas, utilize a single font, size, and attribute (e.g., intensity, color, and so forth) for consistency. It may seem a small point; however, imagine if a hiring manager prints both of these items together. If they have identical fonts, this can only be seen as a positive.


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