Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tabula Rosa Systems - A New Email Authoring Product - The Real Thing Or Hype?

I have authored two books regarding email Netiquette. In addition to these books, I have now posted over 1,000 blog articles and made public appearances with regard to email content., including tone.

The article below speaks to a new product which promises to write a person's email for them. I find this to be highly questionable It is hard enough to properly use translation software in terms of understand what is being conveyed. It is far harder to provide proper tone and context. The inaccuracies, mistakes and  which can occur with trust in a business email to be created and conveyed via Artificial Intelligence is risky at best.

One would be far better served by reading my books below and optimizing their cyber communication skill!
This Sinister Software Tells You How To Craft The Perfect Email Based On People's Personality
Kate Knibbs, Gawker Media Sep 18, 2015, 09.10 PM
What if you knew exactly what to say over email to get someone to like you? When to insert a smiley face, when to get to the point, when to flirt? A service called Crystal offers a cheat sheet for email finesse.
Crystal promises to help people write emails so perfectly aligned with recipients' interests that the people who get them feel like they've found a kindred spirit. It's a brilliant business idea. And it's an unsettling example of how little control we have over our personal data.
When you use Crystal, you can "look up someone's personality" and the service will coach you to pander to that person. It will also show you how it predicts you will interact with each other.
It does this by trawling the internet for data on whomever you want to impress. The company's algorithm takes everything publicly available the recipient has written, as well as things written about them - tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn recommendations, Yelp reviews they left five years ago - and it crunches it into an easy-to-read personality primer. The algorithm is custom-made, but draws from personality tests like Meyer's Briggs, DISC, and Five Factors.
For a great email parody, view the following link:


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