Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tabula Rosa Systems Product of The Day - Imperva SecureSphere Management High-Performance, Centralized Data Security Management

One of Tabula Rosa's great and compelling new products is Imperva. It is a comprehensive suite of modules. Here is an overview of the module for data bases.

SecureSphere Management
High-Performance, Centralized Data Security Management
Imperva SecureSphere management products deliver superior performance, scalability and unified management capabilities for any size deployment. Whether you’re managing a small data center, or a large number of business units or customers, our products give you the visibility and control to minimize administrative overhead and ensure a strong data security posture.
                Unify auditing, reporting and logging across different SecureSphere products
                Apply unique auditing and security capabilities to specific domains, web applications, databases, and file servers
                Visualize security status and monitor incidents in real-time through a live security dashboard
                Investigate user activity with interactive audit analytics
                Monitor environment health from a single console
                View security activity for the entire deployment
                Manage and distribute policies system wide

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PacketViper - a point and click Geo IP (country) network filtering appliance. In just a few clicks of a mouse, block entire countries' networks from accessing your critical network infrastructure. Or, specify which countries may access specific ports on your network, while blocking other countries completely. Other unique features include: Real-time display of traffic accessing your network. Includes country of origin of traffic. Clickable logs display detailed information about an IP address or host such as location, domain, “whois” information, number of times accessing your network, and administrator's tools such as ping, traceroute, RBL match, and the ability to instantly block the network. Triggered traffic events send administrators email and text notifications, rate-limit an IP, or permanently ban an IP .Many more important features are also included.

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Lastly, I am the founder and president of Tabula Rosa Systems, a company that provides “best of breed” products for network, security and system management and services. Tabula Rosa has a new blog and Twitter site which offers great IT product information for virtually anyone.

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