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Netiquette IQ - Attention Job Hunters - Don’t Send the Same Email the Second and Third Times!

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As Albert Einstein is attributed to have said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

 Don’t Send the Same Email the Second and Third Times

An initial email is best written in a conservative style without any Netiquette errors. If this approach does not achieve results, then a second or third message with some moderate adjustments is certainly in order.

During the first two to eight seconds of looking at an email, a reader decides if he or she has an interest in reading further. People initially look at/for the following:
1.    Subject line
2.    Page layout
3.    Keywords
4.    Salutation (when quickly scanning the email)
5.    Qualifications (when quickly scanning the email)
6.    Signature (when quickly scanning the email)
7.    Viewing pane of the first sentence or two of the message (if available)
Let’s assume you’ve passed the first phase and want to know what comes next. In the following twenty to fifty-five seconds, the recruiter/hiring manager looks for the following:
1.    Special qualifications
2.    Tone/politeness
3.    Readability
4.    Believability
5.    Clarity
6.    Whether you meet/exceed qualifications
7.    Weaknesses of any kind
8.    Possible contradictions in content
You passed again? You are now in the elite percentage of job applicants applying by email. Your attachment (résumé or CV) is opened. Going by the consistent assumption that your email will reach this stage, consider whether your content does the following:
1.    Does your content match your email description? Make sure your résumé or CV delivers accurate information.
2.    Do you include an easy means to contact you electronically or by phone?
3.    Are your messages or calls forwarded to an alternate means of contact, if he or she is unavailable? This is strongly desirable—there may be a one-time opportunity where a recruiter or hiring manager is looking to immediately fill a position or is impressed with your qualifications.
Using the following matrix, you’ll know when it is time to follow up. Once you make contact and the correspondence has begun, make sure you continue to use good Netiquette! If interviews are scheduled, send any emails that follow using all of the best Netiquette principles.

For a great email parody, view the following link:


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