Friday, June 5, 2015

Tabula Rosa Blog Of The Day For 6/6/2015 - Advanced Penetrated Malware Detection And Removal

Attivo Networks is a flagship product for Tabula Rosa. It is a compellingly powerful product to detect malware which has entered a network.The following are three major areas which malware seeks to exploit and how the Attivo appliance completely resolves them.

• Attacks take advantage of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
• Attackers used web servers to mount remote code injection attacks that penetrated the company’s data centers
• Once in, they moved freely around the data center until they find and steal the data
• BOTsink Virtual Appliance deployed in the data center 
• Engages attacker during their discovery and lateral infection phase (as they probed and scanned the network looking for high value targets).      
• Prevents attack’s propagation, identifies breach source and generates a signature for IT to stop attack before data could be stolen

• Zero-day attack • Endpoint security solutions has no signature or attack pattern to look for
• Will not be able to stop attack from mining the endpoint for the valuable information  
• One of the hardest attacks to stop
• Malware injected into a “trusted” system owned by an employee, contractor or 3rd party vendor
• Attackers mine the device for IP addresses of servers to attack
• Use legitimate login credentials to get onto targeted servers
• BOTsink Solution plus Information Relay Entrapment System (IRES) is an ideal combination against stolen credential attacks 
• BOTsink Solution will discover attack at the earliest stage, denying attacker time to mount a successful data exfiltration attack    
 • Mounting attack to steal data or access other, more interesting servers.
• Zero-day attacks
• Zero-day attack
• Unknown and undetectable by solutions that rely on known attack signatures and patterns to identify an attack.
• Adobe flash zero-day exploit
• Skelton malware
• BOTsink and IRES Solutions catches a BOT or APT that uses scanning and reconnaissance tactics will be caught 
• BOTsink Solution catches the infection early in its lifecycle to prevent its propagation 
• Captures full forensic information to help minimize remediation efforts    
• Java zero-day exploit
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