Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tabula Rosa Systems - Product Of The Day - Attivo Dramatically Reduce False Positives In Your Network!

Tabula Rosa Systems - Product Of The Day - Attivo  Dramatically Reduce False Positives In Your Network! If You Would Like more information on Attivo, please contact


More Actionable Alerts Needed

A cybersecurity team with finite time and resources can’t possibly wade through tens of thousands of alerts trying to identify the one potential valid threat. What is needed is a way to accelerate the identification of attacks and provide accurate information the cyber security team can use to quickly understand the real threat and shut it down. This requires a layer of security that is not based on looking for attack patterns (signatures), which are easily morphed and missed, or suspicious behaviors, which often end up being false alarms. The security solution should deliver complete, actionable alerts that enable the rapid remediation of an attack to protect the resources an organization holds dear.

Attivo’s Unique Honeynet Approach Engages, Captures and Traps BOTs and APTs
The Attivo BOTsink Solution:

                Engages Attackers—hosts network services across multiple virtual machines, IP services and subnets luring attackers into revealing themselves as soon as they start to look for your high-value assets.
                Reduces Attack Detection Time—accurately identifying infected clients, including sleeper and time-triggered agents, to enable remediation of the full extent of the attack before it can do any damage.

                Traps APTs and BOTs—prevents whatever comes in from ever getting out. Once engaged, the BOTsink Solution stops the attack from communicating and propagating; as soon as the attack runs its course and is catalogued, the environment is reset completely destroying the BOT and APT.

                Captures Actionable Information—identifies infected systems and collects and analyzes information on the time, type and anatomy of the attack.

                Supports Forensics—capturing and cataloguing all attack activity to support understanding of the attack’s anatomy and objectives that can lead to a better overall security stance. Security professionals have access to detailed attack information through UI, PCAP files, syslog, IOC and CSV report formats.

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