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Tabula Rosa Systems Product Of The Day Attivo - Threat of Cyberattacks Hits Record Level

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Finding the “real” alerts

Threat of Cyberattacks Hits Record Level

The threat of cyberattacks has hit its highest level since records began in May 2000, and cybercrime is now a global network that is “mature, far-reaching, well-funded, and highly effective as a business operation,” according to Cisco’s Annual Security Report. In addition, Cisco found a 14% increase in total alerts year-over-year. In addition there was a significant increase in new alerts (which averaged from 55% to 65% of total alerts) as opposed to update alerts as security experts begin to track the lifecycle of an event. Here are a few of the contributing factors, according to Cisco:
Advanced mobile devices come with unanticipated weaknesses against malware infections.
Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting Internet infrastructures
Organized cybercrime is getting, well, more organized, with more fine-tuned motivations: public vs. private sector, financial rewards vs. inflicting damage on reputations.
A test on 30 of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies found that 100% were fooled into visiting “booby-trapped” websites—opening the door to invite malware infections back into the corporate network

Finding the “real” alerts
The sheer volume of alerts generated by all the different attack detection devices deployed throughout an organization’s environment often overwhelms cyber security teams. Searching for the one true threat in the mountains of false positives can be daunting.
Failing to recognize the real threat can have disastrous results:
Network outage (causing loss of revenue and productivity)
Loss of valuable customer information (credit and debit card data, email addresses, patient health care information, etc)
Loss of intellectual property (anywhere from legal documents to the actual “secret sauce” recipient, etc)
Loss of jobs for IT and CISOs personnel
Take for example Target’s security team received alerts on the attack targeting their payment systems long before any credit card information was extracted—it took Target 19 days to stop the attack. For the Neiman Marcus security breach, there were over 60,000 alerts that their security experts had to carefully sift through. Let’s see how long it would take a team of 10 security experts working 24/7 to investigate:
60,000 alerts
5 minutes an average per alert
10 dedicated security people working
7 days a week, 24 hours a day
Answer = 21 days to resolve all 60,000 alerts!
And, that’s assuming they did nothing else but investigate and dispose of these alerts and no other alerts came in while they’re working on these
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