Friday, January 30, 2015

Tabula Rosa Systems Technical Term Of The Day - Cloud Robotics


Cloud robotics From
Cloud robotics is the use of remote computing resources to enable greater memory, computational power, collective learning and interconnectivity for robotics applications.
Cloud robotics expands a robot's capabilities beyond its physical housing and limited onboard computation, memory and software. When computational or storage demands exceed on-board capacity, they are simply offloaded to the cloud, where the massive resources of a datacenter can supplement the robot's limited local resources. 

Cloud robotics also represents a significant advance for robot learning. Instead of having to use its own resources to solve a problem, a robot can simply download the information it needs from a shared library. A shared cloud infrastructure can also help robots coordinate work and be more efficient. The collaborative effort of 15 robots learning different parts of the same complex task, for example, might take minutes instead of hours. 

An important goal of cloud robotics is to create smarter, lighter and less expensive robots. The challenge of cloud robotics is to optimize cloud use for tasks that don't require real-time execution. A robot's motion control, which relies heavily on sensor data, requires local resources to be executed in real time. That same robot's object recognition capability, on the other hand, is well-suited for the cloud. With a Wi-Fi connection to cloud-based resources, the robot can access a vast library of known objects to identify things in its environment. 

Google's self-driving cars are often pointed out as an example of how the cloud can benefit robotics. An autonomous car not only accesses information from the cloud to validate the vehicle's location, it also gathers information about road and traffic conditions and sends that information back to the cloud.
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